Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shopaholic # Nail Art items

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 While shopping in the online, I always use to check the prices of a product which am ordering  with 3 to 4 Online sites before buying it. When it comes to nail art many online shops are allowing us to buy all items like scrapper, plate, polishes in one roof, but we have to check whether they are cheap when compared to other Online shopping websites.
In my recent hunt for such websites...I have came across the below listed websites and I have zeroed them on category wise..
Here we go..

Nail Stamping Plate.
When it comes to nail stamps, I will opt for Bornpretty store because of their low prices and free shipping. The only drawback is their shipment period is greater than 20 days.
Other than that everything is perfect.
Bornpretty store

But here in India many websites are offering Stamp plates but they are too expensive when compared to Born pretty store.
Recently I came across buyincoins (Thanks to Emm. My fellow blogger who introduced me about this website) they are also selling stamp plates in a very low price but I couldn’t find more designs from them when it comes to stamp plates
Nail Stamps & Scrapper.
I ll opt for buyincoins becoz they are selling it only 0.96 USD which will be nearly 50 INR only. 
Buy in coins

In India we will be getting that for 130 INR from Urbantouch and 160 INR from Bornprettystore.
They are also providing free shipping.
Nail Enamels for Stamping.
In my point of view, for stamping we need not necessarily use Nail enamels from Konad polishes.
 In this blog you can find various nail arts but neither of them are not done from Konad polishes everything I have used is Elle 18 Nail pops or Maybelline Colorama. I won’t spend much on Nail enamel more than 100 INR :p 

For Nail Enamels we can opt for Urbantouch or in discounted prices.
Thank you for Reading!
Divineblush :”>
P.S : In no way am related to any of the websites mentioned above,  I have just shared my shopping experiences about the websites where i have purchased.

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