Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Aquarium Maintenance Experience.

Hi Friends..
Today am not going to review about neither beauty products nor an article, Today my post is about  how to maintain an Aquarium. 
Yes I love fishes . no not to eat them ..but  i love them as pets and i adore them a lot.. 
 Actually fishes are very good pets, but it need extra care and time to maintain .In my point of view it can be made easy if we follow the correct method.

Am having a 20 – 20 inch Fish tank and use to change the water and clean the tank once in 45 days!.Till the 44th day my tank will look so clean without any Fish waste.
Ok let me start the process..
  • First chose your tank and number of fishes you want.
  • Then make a note of the accessories you need.
  • Choose a very good pet store, so that you can rely on them for all your queries.
  • Check the saline content of your water.
Accessories used:
  •    20-20 Fish tank
  •    Filter plates
  •    Small & Big Gravels
  •      Filter Jet pump
  •      Big White Pebbles

Below are the steps to set up new Aquarium tank and for maintenance of the old existing tank.
1.       Clean the tank completely with Rock salt .Never use a detergent inside the tank
2.       If you want you can also use warm water to clean the tank and dry it.
3.       Then place the filter plates (You can get that from the pet store).In pet store they sell it with the pipe, but actually we don’t need that.
4.       Then spread the small gravels for ½ inch.

5.       More the stones you add, your tank will look clean
6.       Then add the decorative items, in tank i won’t add more accessories because it will disturb the fish, so i use to have only grass and some big pebbles.
7.       Then spread big gravel for about 1 1/2 inch

8.       Then add the jet pump tank (Available in pet store) Rs-300/- .Actually it is the protector of your fish tank.

9.       These jet pumps will absorb all debris (Fish wastes) and store it in a separate compartment, once in 10 days you have to change it to maintain the life of jet pump.
10.   Then add the water through water pipe, else all our decorations will be washed off. If you don’t have the convenience to use water pipe then use a mug to pour the water slowly
11.   Don’t add the fishes immediately.,
12.   Let the water be oxygenated first, So switch on the Jet pump
13.   Then later 10 minutes start adding fishes to your tank.

That’s it you are ready with your aquarium

Some tips!
·         Use rock salt if you don’t have salt water in your area.
·         While adding fish make sure you have a good mix, because gold fish won’t survive with black mali (Fish type) they tend to kill them.
·         Always add a tank cleaner (Cat fish) in your tank. It will keeps the tank clean by removing the algae content in your tank
·         While feeding  fish with  fish pellets or food add bit by bit, don’t feed them in a large quantity

Fish Medication:
Rock salt is a good medication for your fish tank to avoid micro organism formation in your tank which may harm your fish.
Don’t buy Annapurna or Tata salt it may have iodine content, use the rock salt without the iodine content
Fishes also love us, if we maintain them with extra care.

Picture of my tank, when myself or my mom stands near the tank. They have the ability to identify human faces..

hope you will like my post.


  1. lovely post! Your fish tank and fishes look so lovely! I had no idea that they can recognize human face. I tried gold fishes in those small round bowl like thing but they quickly passed away so I gave up! lol.

    1. thanks bharati .. yes they do recognize.. but it will take some time.. :-)

  2. I have a fish-tank at home too! these are adorable!!!
    following you!

  3. Great information! Thanks for sharing your experience its make me learn from it.


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