Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My Winter Hair Care Regime.

My Winter Hair Care Regime.

Mine is a straightened hair, but since it has grown beyond my hip, I have started to plait my hair to prevent hair fall.

All the day long I cannot leave my hair open because of the length.
** I use to oil my hair one day before hair wash, am using Aswini Hair oil.
Aswini hair oil is a south Indian based Hair oil which contains all herbs and medicated stuff to prevent hair fall.
** Now a days am not using Shampoo, am using Shikkai Powder – A homade Shikkai Powder for my hair.
** Twice in a month am using Biotique Musk Root with egg albumen (Egg white).
** Sometimes I also apply these Hair pack in a combination Hibiscus Leaves Paste, Mustard Oil & Olive Oi.
That's it.
Please do share your winter hair care regime.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Bio Musk Root Vs Hibiscus Hair Pack

Today I tried a new hair mask for my hair , Not really new.. I mixed my Biotique Musk Root with Hibiscus leaves and Hibiscus flower paste.

Hibiscus leaves is rich in water content, which made my hair pack a bit watery.
Instead of using the same egg white or curd, I totally enjoyed this new hair pack.
I ll soon update the results in a day or two.
Do try this hair pack and share your reviews

Homemade Shikkai Powder

Shikkai Powder
Using shikkai as a substitute of shampoo is a very old tradition in South India. In South India people use to wash their hair only with shikkai, mixed with certain herbs for a healthy hair..