Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lotus herbals Micro emulsion Whiteglow Tragedy

Lotus herbals Micro emulsion Whiteglow Tragedy
No am not going to say that it doesn’t work for me and am not complaining that I didn’t get the white tone rather I’m feeling lucky about my dusky skin. 

You may question me what is the tragedy in it.. Yes the tragedy is with the bottle they manufacture.
This post is for the Lotus People, please look into the issue if you’re reading this post.
This is actually my third Lotus Micro emulsion bottle, it is such a wonderful day cream which act as a moisturizer cum sunscreen but the quality of the pump dispenser is very cheap. 

It happened to me when I was using my first bottle, the pump got broke and I initially thought that I would have mishandled it. But later it happened with my second bottle too and for my friend also same thing happened.
Now in my third bottle also the pump dispenser got broke.
We never pay 216 INR for the bottle you produce; it is only the content what it has.
Now am not able to carry the Lotus Micro emulsion in my handbag, thinking anytime the fluid will spoil the whole handbag.
Please do provide us good quality jar which can make us more satisfied & travel friendly. 

Please do share your views.


  1. I love this product. For me the problem is the glass bottle. I dint have the issue with pump dispenser though. But when its almost finished I was not able to pump the rest of the product. But this is very sad. Hope lotus people read this and improve the quality of the product :)

    1. Yes it is an useful product .. Indu ..I love this is a lot .. thats why i cannot stop myself from buying this emulsion..

  2. I love it actually, lends a nice glow to my face.....I dint have any issue with bottle though..hope lotus reads this, and rectifies :)

  3. hey.. my bottle broke too... that too when it was brand new.... it just fell a bit and shattered to hell... :( whole cream was wasted.. i managed to save it.. but discarded after i started getting rashes from it..

    1. earlier i transformed the contents to other bottle.. but when it happened to the second bottle i was totally phew!..


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