Monday, March 19, 2012

HDFC # V Post

Recently i got a mailer from HDFC credit cards about V-Post.Am sharing this mailer with you all .Hope it will help some one. 
Here it goes ..
To shop more easily in the online website and to ship our goodies from an abroad websites  HDFC has launched a new tie up with the logistics system called V-post.
Presenting you vPost, an internationally recognized service provider of Shop & Ship services. You can now order fantastic goods from foreign markets such as the USA, UK & Japan and have it delivered at your doorstep through the services of vPost.

Visit to register for this service and obtain a VP number


Upon registering, you will receive addresses of vPost’s USA, UK & Japan warehouses.


Use the respective warehouse address in the Shipping Address section and mention your VP number as part of your name when ordering a product online.


The product will be shipped to the respective vPost warehouse (USA/UK/Japan) and you will receive intimation that your product has arrived through mail.


You will be guided through the Shipping charge to be paid. Once you have made the payment, vPost will have your consignment delivered to you.

This works like this..

 You will also get a Special Promotion offer
So Go ahead and register your self to shop more... You can register here

Hope this will help someone,


  1. nice information shared :) will b helpful

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