Saturday, March 31, 2012

Suggestion for Laptop

Hi all,
My system crashed almost it is in its last breath.
I am planning to buy a Laptop.
Frendzz please do help me .
Suggest a good best budget Laptop ,my budget is 28 K.



  1. Go for DELL :) Superb performance :)

  2. I have seen some in acer which will fit your budget nicely and they have good configuration too:)

  3. Also, intensedebate had to be switched from widget installation to template one because of the changes google made in the coding:)

    1. I missed all the comments.. and also i couldnt exact way how to install it dear..

  4. oh awesome :D Try out dell and acer. My bro has Dell and its good. Acer have heard it is good. Also HCL. But if I have to choose one then its DELL.I have Campaq. Mine is not good.

    I am planning to get DELL in June :D

    All the best for your shopping :)


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