Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nail Care # Lakme Nail Polish Remover

Hi all..
Today's post is all about my nails. I am not going to share you with the nail care tips, but something about the nail polish remover.

Am a makeup freak who use to buy cosmetics whenever I feel like Yes-Go-Get-it..
When it comes to nail polish remover I won’t spend that much, I use to buy some unknown brands which is very cheap. This is where I lost my nails day by day. All my nails got chipped or broken at the corners. All these days I was thinking, it happened because of my nail enamel and due to my house hold chores, but now I got the clue it is because of the cheap nail polish remover which made my nail to chip at the corner.
That’s why I stopped my Nail art.
Lakme Nail Polish Remover

Now I am using Lakme Nail Polish Remover and am using those local nail polish remover for cleaning my Nail art stamp plates.
My Nails look healthy *touch-wood* and in my handbag I use to carry Vega nail buffer whenever I find my nails are chipping or tearing I ll use this.
In the nite before sleeping i use to apply Olive oil in my cuticles which might also strengthened my nails.
Soon I will update my nail art stampings when my nails are bit longer.
Pic Source: Beststuffadvice & Stylecraze

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