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Bio Soya Protein Shampoo

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Today am going to review Biotique Bio Soya Protein Shampoo, i came to know about this shampoo while i was searching for a good shampoo for my permed hair. Biotique ensures they use herbal and nature products in all theirr products. So i thought of using this shampoo. 

Let's Look at the Biotique Claims.
Biotique Hair Care Conditioning Cleanser for Permed and Blow Dryed Hair Soya Protein is a special treatement for chemically treated hair. It is well known that permed hair and color hair contain chemicals and tend to make the hair more sensitive to any product. Therefore it is of paparamount importance that you do not experiement with an regular shampoo but choose a mild, herbal  shampoo that will not react or bring about side effects.
Soya protein, a major element in the shampoo, has been a prime source of nutrients for over five thousand years providing all the essential amino acids for human nutrition. The shampoo cleanses hair without distributing its natural pH balance. It also prevents color fade and protects perm and gives a healthy shine.
Ingredients in the shampoo.
The shampoo says the main component as Soya which is main for protein but when i checked it in  the composition soya is used in a very minimal component.
To my shock they have useeed Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to lather. I felt very bad after buying this shampoo as Biotique ensures only herbal products but in their shampoo they have SLS.

Let's look at the composition.
Badam tail (Prunus amygdalus oil) 1.0%, Rai tail (Brassica nigra oil) 0.5%, Soya (Anethumsowa) 0.5%, Banhaldi (Curcuma aromatica) 3.0%, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 10.5%, Himalayan water, Q.S.120ml
My experience with shampoo
After Seeing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in the ingredient list i didn’t touch the shampoo for many days, Later i gained confidence and started to use this shampoo. It has a nice smell and left my hair squeaky clean in the first wash and kept my permed hair proper way. I didn’t face losing of hair strands .But my hair felt a bit rough.
So here comes the Positives and Negatives of the Biotique Soya Portein Shampoo
Positives of Biotique Soya Protein Shampoo
1. It made my hair manageable
2. First wash removed oil from my hair
3. Availability is quite easy
4. Travel friendly
5. Price is very cheap with effective shelf life
6. Doesn’t leave my scalp oily after 2 - 3 days
Negatives of Biotique Soya Protein Shampoo
 1. Contains SLS not SLES
2.      Makes my hair a bit rough
I use to think that Biotique will deliver only Herbal products, but I never thought that they will deliver SLS , whenever I take this bottle it reminds that am holding an Floor washing soda.
I will never ever buy this again. I have also stopped using this.
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