Sunday, May 27, 2012

Avon Matte Grey Cement Nail Paint

Avon Matte Grey Cement
This is my very first experience with Avon nail paints.
Avon Matte Grey Cement

It is actually a thick paint which dry’s out within a second,  to get a matte effect we have to be very quick, within 5 – 6 seconds we have to finish the entire swipe.
It is a perfect base coat for a nail art, which doesn’t create a shiny base nor a dull base.
 I will soon update my nail art pics with matte nail paint as my base coat.
It is actually chipping out and do creates tear off in the corners, if you wish to have the nail paint for more than three days try applying a thin watery base top coat on it, so that the matte effect will not be disturbed.
So here the pics.

Avon Matte Grey Cement

Avon Matte Grey Cement

 Without Flash

 Avon Matte Grey Cement is an awesome nail paint for a professional touch. I adore my Matte Nail Paint.
Do try this and Share your views
 P.S - Excuse my Nail paints on the fingers :-P
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  1. Lovely swatches...I have all shades in this range...the red and blue one is awesome too...:)

  2. Your blog is good source of learning about beautician. carry on.....

    Himachal Pradesh

  3. Replies
    1. unfortunately avon products are not sold in online polymathea.. you have to find an representative to get the avon products.


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