Saturday, September 08, 2012

Fem ~ Fairness Creme Bleach

I always don't prefer to use bleaches in home which might harm the skin, but due to excessive sun tan I was forced to use Fem Bleach. I bought this pack from Pharmacy store.

Let’s look at the Company Claims
Fem Fairness Bleach Cream gives you an edge in this everyday battle by lessening the burden on your skin and undoing the damage caused. It also ensure that you get a perfect result each time, gently and in minutes, providing you with the loving care that your skin deserves.
***Best suited for all Skin tones
***With essence of apples and peach
***Fixed pre ratios for best results
***Instant fairness in 15 mins
***No Tears
***Pleasant & Fruity experience of bleaching.
***Soft pink candy colour presentation

It has two small containers one is for activator and the other one is cream bleach.

Application Procedure:

Activator has to be mixed with the cream bleach, after two minutes both the mixture will become fluffy and the container will be filled with mixture.

Price & Ingredients:
6.6 gram can be used for two bleaches and for hands.
It cost 22 INR (Dead cheap)

Things to Note:
 ***Care should be taken that it should not be used near our eyes.
***Make sure that hairs in our hands are removed before a day.
 ***We should not use any soaps or face wash for max hours.

It is available in three variants
I use to apply these cream bleaches during evenings and I ll use face-wash only in the morning.
Apply the cream bleach and let it stay for 15 min – 20 min

You are done!

All the sun tan and the dark patches will be removed and left out with a healthy glow.

You might like this
***If you wish to have an healthy glow in an inexpensive method
***If you have a normal skin

You might not like this
***The odour from this bleach is so strong you will feel as though you are in a chemical lab.
***If you couldn’t bare the mild itching sensation.

Divineblush Verdict
5 out of  5
Thumbs up! For this product
Am not using these bleaches for fairness purpose, I am using this to remove dullness from my face.
Till now I didn’t face any itch or allergies in my skin, so I can vouch on this product but it might not suit sensitive skin beauties
Do share your views.

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