Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 Pieces EcoTools Brushes

 This is my first make up brushes kit, earlier I have done many eye makeup without these brushes, but after hitting the blog-o-sphere I have learn't so many make up ideas one them is make brushes. I was thought of investing in a good makeup brushes 

In buyincoins I found these Eco tools a well known brand in making bamboo brushes for years. Without any second thought I bought these.

For brushes they themselves providing the tracking numbers
Actually it is a four piece brushes with a cotton bag.
They have mentioned the uses of these brushes in a different perspective; I took these pics from their pouch.

I love this baby kabuki a lot. I t is so adorable and cute Am using this to apply my loose powder and compact.

Then comes the blush brush which is densely packed brush which gives a flawless radiant face.
Blending brush - Am using this blending brush to blend my eye shadow and sometime I use this to highlight my brow bone and outer corner of the eyes.

It picks the colour most promptly
Eye shadow brush-

I’m using this brush to apply eye shadow and also to apply Smokey eyeliner effect.
Blush Brush

It is taking the blush in a right amount, bristles are so soft so that no streaky looks.
Here comes the Fifth Piece , Cotton Bag
Let’s look at the Oh wow and Oh no factor.
 Oh Wow Factors..
***All these four bushes you get it for 250 INR, It is very inexpensive
***Bristles are densely packed
***Brushes are not shedding the hair , till now I washed it twice
Oh no Factors
***No Such factors about this brushes.
 Divineblush Verdict.
Go grab these cuties it is a must for makeup newbie’s and beginners.


  1. I hv never been able to buy them...I find them sold out:)

    1. i think these brushes will be mentioned as 4 piece brushes kit .. Emm .. do try and share ur experience..

  2. Hey divi, thanks for introducing this website...:hugs :hugs My parcel has just arraived today eventhough I didnt order anything related to makeup, i just got too excited. I bought that konad wala stamping kit but I am not able to use normal nail polishes in that. Any special technique u use?

    1. dear do check these links -

      Try Elle 18 nail polishes.. Nail polishes need to be thick in consistency for nail art..

      U can also buy nail enamels from this website which is selling konad nail enamel which is best for nail art -

  3. Brushes look nice :-)
    I too shopped from buyincoins .... 20 brush pieces set ...
    I liked it a lot ..

    Today's Recipe
    Achari Paneer Tikka

  4. thanks for the headsup... will surely check it out!!
    btw are these brushes hair soft enough??? i find vega brushes hard on my skin...
    and hey don't forget to enter Jabong's Exclusive giveaway, enter here ~

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