Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hand and Foot Care Post

Hi All,
After a long time am back with my hand and foot care post.
In this post am sharing my daily hand & foot care routine.

During weekends I use to remove the nail paints, I ve heard somewhere that we should not wear nail polish for more longer time, It should be removed on a weekly basis else our nails would turn yellowish which indicates that our nail doesn’t breath much.
I ll always remove my nail polishes from both hands and legs and in Monday morning I ll use to wear nail polishes again: P
This is how my routine goes -
·         I use to do gently scrub my hands and legs in order to remove the dead cells and other dirt.
·         Then I ll file my nails and shape them
·         And then I ll apply hand cream currently am using Bath & body works Hand and Cuticle Vitamin E cream.
·         Twice in a month I use to apply face pack in both hands & legs to remove the tan.

While choosing footwear I ll be cautious that I ll at least select one foot wear which is fully covered, so that while going for shopping and outing in sunny days I can wear this without fearing that my foot will get tanned.
Daily I use to apply Vaseline Coco Moisturizing lotion in my hand and legs to prevent them drying and leaving scratches.
Often I ll use to change the nail polish shades from dark to light so that the stain in my nails won’t be permanent.
Please do share your Hand and Foot Care routine.
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