Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My CTM Routine

Hi All,

Today am going to share my CTM routine with you all.. 
Cleansing, Toning and moisturizing is my very first step in the morning. It makes my skin firm and hydrated.

Cleanser – Khadi Pudina Face Cleanser

 Toner – Biotique Bio Cucumber PORE TIGHTENING FRESHENER  & Aroma Magic Skin Toner

Moisturizer –Blossom Kachar Aroma Magic Almond Nourishing Lotion, BiotiqueCoconut Whitening Cream  & Vedic line Fig & Honey Moisturizer.

  • First I ll apply Khadi Pudina Cleanser and I will massage them slightly so that all the dirt and clogged pores will be removed then later I ll wash my face with water .I won’t use any face wash during cleanser.
  • Then I ll apply Toner and I ll massage it so that the toner get absorbed completely .
  • Finally I ll apply Moisturizer and massage it well.
That’s it am done!
In the mornings I ll be using only mild products so that my skin feel fresh and rejuvenated.
Please do share your CTM experience.


  1. Hi...I used to use Biotique cucumber toner. Just finished my bottle,using a Lush one now

  2. It's nice to have a routine that you follow.

  3. Hey..you have such a lively blog :)
    head over to mine

  4. Hi divya, I suppose that you are from chennai, I am from bangalore but I often visit chennai to see my boyfriend. I am not able to maintain the fresh look in chennai because of its humidity. When I travel by bik with him, my face looks like a total mess.... Can you give me some tips and products to use to beat chennai's humidity and look fresh always

    1. do try lotus micro emulsion .. and lotus sunscreen 40 spf++ ..it suits chennai whether and Lakme Perfect radiance will also work ..


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