Monday, June 18, 2012

A Peep into my Makeup Pouch..

A Peep into my Makeup Pouch.. 

I use to carry all these stuff in my makeup pouch whenever I hit outside either to office or any outings.

 Let’s have a look into it.

Olay Total Effects 7 I got this sample tube from Violetbag during an online purchase It works good. Am in my 25 this would be the right time to prevent ageing so if this sample tube works i ll get the big Olay jar.

Lakme Compact is the one which i cannot live without .Am using this from my age of 17 .. at that time it was 50 INR ,now it is 99 INR

Lacto Calamine - My Life Savior

L - R - Maybelline Lip Liner (Choco Pop), Lip Ice Strawberry Ice Sheer & Biotique Bio Berry Lip Balm

L - R - Bourjois Khol & Contour , Bourjouis DuoChrome Eye Pencil (Peacock Green Color)  , Lakme Instaliner

Last but not the least -  My Alll time favorite Aroma Magic Grape fruit facewash.

Thats it! Am done


  1. hey is Aroma Magic Grape facewash is for combination skin?????

  2. i absolutely love aroma magicz face washes..dont they smell just absolutely divine

  3. lacto calamine and lip ice are my fav too.... i often reach for them during the week *.*


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