Sunday, March 11, 2012

Biotique Collections..

Biotique in my wardrobe
I love their range of skin care and hair care products.

Something about Biotique:
Biotique treatments do not cover up problems—they eliminate them. With 100% natural botanicals. No chemicals. No preservatives. No animal testing. Even the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.
Biotique Founder Vinita Jain
 Founder Vinita Jain, one of the most influential and admired entrepreneurs today, spent her childhood amid the lush greenery of her father’s tea estates in Assam and Darjeeling, India.
She imbibed the ancient Science of Ayurveda. After graduating from Delhi University, Vinita studied bio-technology in Switzerland. She used her immense knowledge and interest in bio-science to start Biotique, and to pioneer a new age of potent organic beauty that uses time-tested Ayurvedic therapies blended with contemporary science and beauty treatment requirements.
Today, Vinita Jain orchestrates a team of qualified Ayurvedic Doctors, Scientists and Swiss Cosmetologists who design, manufacture and pack all Biotique products. The Ayurvedic Doctors are practitioners in the many fields of natural medicine and health care to extract nature’s full body of knowledge. The result: highly effective skin and hair care products that treat and preserve health, beauty and well-being as never before.
Courtesy: Biotique Website
Ok have a look at my Biotique Collections.
These products have been reviews in the blogosphere zillion times ,So today am just going to share my Biotique collections with you.

Biotique Skin Care Range

 From Left to Right - Biotique Lip Plumping Berry Lip Balm,Bio Coconut Skin Whitening    Cream, Bio Saffron Dew,Bio Musk Root, Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner.

From Left to Right - Bio Watercress Conditioner, Bio Coconut Skin Whitening    Cream, Bio Saffron Dew,Bio Musk Root, Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner. Biotique Lip Plumping Berry Lip Balm

Bio Coconut Skin Whitening Cream & Bio Saffron Dew 
 These two are my favorite Night Creams.
Bio Watercress Conditioner

 My Favorite Conditioner am using for the past 1 month. I have a straight rebonded hair and am using this conditioner it keeps my hair so soft and makes it more shiner. It keeps my Rebonded hair in a perfect structure.

Thank you Biotique !
Helping Girls to be pretty in a Natural Herbal Way 


  1. Great tips specially to those want a perfect and beautiful inside and outside looks. But one way to maintain healthy skin is to avoid tanning salons. Indoor tanning salons claim that their method of tanning, by artificial sun, is safer than natural tanning because they mainly use UVA rays and limit the exposure with timers.

  2. Where do I get this conditioner ?

    1. Most of the online shopping websites have these conditioner..

  3. You are 100% corret. Biotique has some wonderful products!

  4. Since 1997 I have been using biotique products. I have very dry skin and the relief which i get from biotique lotions, I have not got from any of the best brands available in the market till date. My lips chip off very often and starts to bleed but I get instant relief after using biotique lip balms. I have used most expensive brands of lip balms but they were not as effective as biotique ones. They have really wonderful products. I also use their shampoo. It is very good. Their products are bliss to us. I only use biotique products and have blind trust on the product quality. All the best. One can try the products and see the results.


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