Thursday, March 08, 2012

Bio Musk Root Hair Pack

Bio Musk Root from Biotique an awesome combination of herbs which comes in a form of a thick paste in a big green jar.
Bio Musk Root for Dry Damaged Hair

Bio Musk Root from Biotique

The Consistency is very soft and it doesn’t have big chunky particles of herb all are minute particles.
We have to mix these paste with egg or curd as mentioned by Biotique.

I got this Bio Musk root from 365 and I came to know about this from Swati. It is an awesome herbal hair pack for hair which will treat your dry damaged hair and makes it soft and manageable.
Bio Musk Root Mix with Egg White
Something about Musk Root
Bio Musk Root Ingredients (Click on the Pic to Enlarge)
 Price : 199 INR .I got it for 189 INR
Quantity : 230 grams
Shelf Life : 3 years
It will last upto 5 – 6 hair pack when mixed with desirable quantity of eggs (for lengthy hair)
Application of Bio Musk Root.
I mixed the herb paste with egg albumen (white) I didn’t add the egg yolk coz it need more shampoo to wash of the egg yolk smell, so I didn’t add that.
I took 3 and half spoons of Bio Musk root and took 2 egg albumen and 1 spoon of curd for my waist length long hair.
Be sure that you don’t apply oil to your hair.
The logic behind the hair pack is same as the parlor facials, Salon people will advise us not to use any creams or face wash for 3 hrs after a facial is done. In the same way hair pack is meant to give strength to the hair so we have to avoid heavy shampoos and conditioner.
Try to use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Dilute your shampoo with water and use it.
My Experience with Bio Musk Root.
After the Bio Musk root usage my hair feels so shiny. Mine is a rebonded hair so it will be always dry and shine-less .This pack nourished my hair and maintained its shine. My hair feels healthy and more manageable
Do try this pack for optimal results. Regarding the hair growth I will update you soon after 2 or 3 usages of this pack.
Hope you will like it. Please do share your reviews.


  1. Did it help growing your hair? the product sounds interesting..

    1. Yes Dear! My hair texture has became thick

  2. After reading your review, I thought to try this mask. I will try and get back to you :)

    I thought the above link would be usefull.

  3. I am going to try this out.. Will get back to you with the results.

    I thought the above link would be useful for those who are going to try this out:)

  4. How many times can we use this pack in a straightening properties loose if we use this pack . and do we need to do hair spa or continue with this pack.ur suggestions r really helpful.i do try biotique hair musk really good .

  5. i did chemical hair straightning. has dis product help me to control hair fall.


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