Monday, December 03, 2012

Homemade Shikkai Powder

Shikkai Powder
Using shikkai as a substitute of shampoo is a very old tradition in South India. In South India people use to wash their hair only with shikkai, mixed with certain herbs for a healthy hair..

Shikkai powder doesn’t contain any sulphate or paraben as we do have now. During auspicious days my mom uses this shikkai powder for hair, which tempted me a lot.
For this deepavali I tried to use Shikkai powder which made my hair so soft. 
You can even check my Homade Shikkai Shampoo , People who wish to want have an instant herbal shikkai shampoo can opt this method
Generally there is a myth that using shikkai powder will make your hair rough and dry. Actually it will make our hair dry but we have to infuse certain herbs in it.
Herbs can be
Hibiscus leaves – For Lathering & soft hair
Hibiscus flower - For Soft hair
Green Gram dhal – For enriched nutrients
Vetti ver – For aroma purpose
Reetha nuts – For lathering & squeaky clean hair
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – to prevent hair fall and hair greying
Mix all the above herbs & Shikkai in a paper and let them sun dried for 2 days. Then later powder them in a shop where our moms use to powder red chilli or wheat.
Your Shikkai powder is ready!
I love this mixture a lot and am using this powder thrice a week for a waist length long hair. 
It gives a natural shine and healthy texture. 
No need to fear about Parabens and Harmful Chemicals.
And to add something mine is rebonded hair, after using this powder my hair texture was not altered.
After using this powder I ll rinse my hair completely and apply Biotique Watercress conditioner for a minute or two.
Sometime I use t apply my Matrix opti care serum too..
Do try this and share your review..

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