Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Award!!!!!!!!!

 Hurrah, I got my first Award.. The Versatile Blogger. . It is Siri Sekhar who tagged me for this award
Versatile blogger award from Siri Sekhar
 Thank you Siri, You made my Day!,

Please do check her blog Siri Sekhar blog – My Likes and Thoughts.
Here come the rules
·         The first thing you should do is to thank the person who nominated you for this award by giving them a shout out on your blog post, linking to their blog.
·         The second one, Share Seven Random thoughts about yourself
·         The last and sweetest thing, send this award to 15 bloggers whom you admired and let them know that they have won "The Versatile Blogger" award
Seven Random thoughts about me –
1.      Am a Shopaholic, Let it be a pharmacy or a grocery something will there for me always!
2.      I do love pets and I love my fishes a lot.
3.      I love spending time in learning our ancient history
4.      I love visiting Old ,Ancient temples and its surroundings
5.      I love to appreciate my friends a lot, it makes their day
6.      I am Junk food lover, if it is midnight also no problem I don’t mind
7.      I tend to have a poor memory
Now it is time to pass on the Award to my fellow bloggers..
1.    Indian Vanity Case – This is the first blog through which I got introduced to this beauty blog world and this is the one blog which made me to start a new blog and to write post. I love her blog. Please do check her blog.
2.      Clothes, Cosmetics& Chat – An awesome fellow blogger who use to inspire me with her flaunting Nail art & Nail Stamping works. Love you Laura, you deserve it.
3.      Mehak from Peaches & Blush – A wonderful blog which narrates the importance of a healthy skin rather than a Whity one. Do check her blog.
4.      Namita from Vivacious flair – She is my fellow blogger. I love her the way she narrates and reviewing a product. She is the main reason for making me a shopaholic. :P A very good fellow blogger
5.     Kitchen BeautyBenefits – A nice blogger who narrates the importance homemade and how to do stuffs in cosmetics and skin care.
6.      Crazypoplock from What I Like – Whenever I hit her blog, I will be hooked at least for an hour mainly for the reviews and posts from her blog.
7.      oflipstickandblushes – Her blog is filled with reviews of up to date new products
8.   Kejal from Nail Art & things – I love her Nail Art. Do check her blog for the Innovative Nail art designs
9.    Himanshi from Girlsworld – Amazing fellow blogger who use to inspire us with her awesome product reviews.
10. Fashion Ph.D – You can check her blog for her daring and genuine reviews. Her blog is filled with up to date to fashion statements..
11. Sandra from My World – Do check her blog for the latest Nail Art reviews.
12. Gingersnaps – A cute blog filled with awesome reviews.
13. Deals Steals n More – You will get updates about the Latest Deals in the Online World!.
14. Nivedita from Beauty at times is Skin Deep – Do check her blog for cool reviews
15. Indgal Loves Shopping – Filled with Pink and reviews of latest products.

Last but not the least - In the rules they have mentioned pass it on to the Best Versatile bloggers, but my fellow bloggers are already tagged with these awards. So its time for my gratitude to list their blogs. Am sure you will love them.
Love you all,
Deepa from Beauty Angels
Siri Sekhar from My Likes andThoughts
Ani from Make u up
Divya from Miss Enchanted
And Many more fellow bloggers..
 Thank you Siri Once Again. :)
Divineblush :">

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