Saturday, December 24, 2011

It is a Bison!

 My entry post for the Indiblogger contest "Fiery Situation or Event in your Life". Do check this page , I think Indibloggers members only can participate.Check this link for more details.
In this post I am sharing my team outing experience in Kodaikanal which made our day into a Fiery Day!
We went to kodaikanal as a team outing, Kodaikanal is a Hill Station in Tamil Nadu, it is a tourism spot and there we went to dolphin nose rock a place where you can find the glimpse of kodaikanal with the dancing mist.

While reaching the place, a guide over there stopped and forced us not to go by this evening as there will be many bison roaming there. It was 5 o' clock in the evening and to reach the dolphin nose rock we have to walk at least 2 hours in the forest. We ignored him and  we all started to walk. 
In the midst of our journey to the dolphin nose rock, we were stopped by a group of people who tried to cross a small waterfalls over there, it was a down narrow steep lake followed by a waterfalls named "Pampar Falls". Myself, my lady colleagues and my Team lead and her family were there and our boys gang left us and they moved to some other place .We all got down to the steep lake and we were playing and all in a sudden we were left alone. Myself and other four girls including my Team Lead , her husband & her kid were playing in the lake and the crowd who were playing also left. It was an evening 6 o' clock, imagine the climate of kodaikanal at that time it was full of mist. Suddenly my friend started to scream, It is a bison there run ! run!.. we all started to run and we could even scream to avoid the bison concentration towards us.. 
We started and We don’t even want to turn and see the situation over there we all ran to a cave and we all were in a fiery situation. My Team Lead son started to cry after seeing our reactions , the girl who shouted before , now started to scream it (bison) is coming near to us move, we have to move from this place. We now don’t know what to do, after that cave there is a steep dense forest and we don’t want to make the situation worse.  Suddenly my Team Lead husband started to notice the situation and he went nearby to the place where the bison was standing, as he was nearing to it (bison) we all started to scream asking him to come back. 
Then he started to laugh loudly after reaching the bison place. Then he shouted at us to come near. When we all went there we all broken into a big laugh . It was a light pole where a wet black sack was covered, the girl who shouted, assumed that has a bison and she made our day into a Fiery Day!
Later we took photographs of our so called bison (Light pole) and we left the place as soon as possible after that Fiery situation. 

Thank you for Reading.

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