Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shannaz Hussain Pot of Gold Foundation

Shannaz Hussain Pot of Gold Foundation – Whenever I come across this product in the SH counter, I use to think why not we will give a try in this product but the SA over there will stare at me and say Mam "No Samples or trials", if you wish you can buy the product directly.#:-S
  OMG!! 750INR if it doesn’t work for me then I need to throw my 750 bucks in the trash.
The Same thing happened for a 3 month are more.  :-& .  From the SA I came to know that Shannaz Hussain doesn't have any tester products for trials in the shop. SA told me that this particular brands wont allow us to do so..  #-o .(In this post here am speaking about Chennai SH counter )

One Day in 99lables, they hosted s sale for Shannaz Hussain products in which I found this SH Pot of Gold foundation only for 640 INR and I also had my 500 credits so I used them and ordered the SH for 410 INR only. :D
Ok Here comes my Pot of Gold Foundation Swatches
Shannaz Hussain Pot of Gold Foundation
S.H Claims it
Enriched with the luminous glow of pure gold, this foundation provides a spectacular finish to the skin, making the skin appear younger, with a radiant colour tone. Ideal for evening use.
It is a small thick Glass pot and it comes with purity of seal. In the top of the box it contains a certificate for Purity of Gold. It resembles a Bridal Trousseau Box :P


When I opened the pot OMG!!! :-O was my reaction it is  full of Gold cream, even though it shimmered a lot it doesn’t have any big Glittery particles.
SH Pot of Gold Foundation - Gold Cream
Now I am using this Occasionally, a small amount of Gold Foundation from the pot and blending it with my Lakme Invisible foundation .It gives me a Gold Shimmered Look with a radiant skin. I think we cannot use this as a separate foundation, else we will be looking like a Stage Dancer with full of Gold Shimmer.
Here the Swatches of Shannaz Hussain Pot of Gold Foundation

Shannaz Hussain Pot of Gold Foundation Swatches
 I will soon do a detailed post with the pros and cons of the SH Pot of Gold Foundation after using it..
Thank you for Reading,
Divineblush :”>

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