Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Celebrity Style # Amala Paul

This week in our Celebrity Style we will have a look on Amala Paul’s presence in Deiva Thirumagal Audio Launch(Tamil Film). Deiva Thirumagal is a Tamil version of the English Movie I am Sam.
Amala Paul ~ a Malayalam cum Tamil heroine who did her flawless performance in Myna (Tamil Film) and her appearance in Deiva Thirumagal (Tamil Film) is another extra-ordinary.

Amala has a good physique; her bright eyes are the main plus for her.
 Let’s look at the Pics

 Oh Wow will come to our mind after looking at her..
I love her outfit, Blue and Green suits her well... Anyone could let me know what kind of outfit is this?? A Saree or a Lehgana type of cloth..
 My answer is it seems to look like a saree which is draped with many frills in the front..
Oh Girl! I just love this.
When it comes to jewellery.. I love these long is full of stones and it exactly matches her outfit. The Stone bangles are the cute ones.
Her Makeup is too simple, I think she had concentrated only in Eye and Lip makeup.. No blush or bronzer is visible.. Never Mind!.. Already her skin is glowing..
For Hair she had gone for Layers or feather cut..  Gorgeous!!! :-*
Awesome Amala.. :x

Picture Courtesy:

Divineblush :">

P.S: From this picture I have learnt; a saree in a Peacock neck color .i.e. Blue with Green Colour could go well with the Indian skin tones..  ;;) Let me grab that type of saree next..:)]

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