Monday, December 12, 2011

For an Instant Glowing skin

For an Instant Glowing skin.. No Am not going to say.. Try this fairness or Homemade mask....
Yesterday evening while looking for a Nail polish Remover in my make up stash I came across my Lakme Invisible finish lying in the corner of the stash. 

Invisible finish didn’t work for me, SA cheated me by giving a false shade it is too orangey for me, even though am having a dusky skin it doesn’t suit me well I was looking like a ghost! >:)
So I didn’t touch that for a while...
Lakme Invisible Foundation Shade - 07
In many of our friends’ blog I have came across a word “BLEND”. Yup I was thinking about this for a while, yesterday it was a time for that.. Here it goes

I took Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Cream a bit and Lakme Invisible finish a bit. I blended it well and I applied it over my face. It was a nice matte finish and all my pimple marks and blemishes were lightened by 2 tones and I got fairer skin tone.
I am using Lakme Radiance Compact Shade -03 Shell on top of it..
That’s it Am ready.. :x
You can even try this with Lacto Calamine but it didn’t work for me [-(, it turned my skin bit darker.
Hope it will help someone! <):)
Thanks for Reading,
DivineBlush :">