Saturday, August 11, 2012

120 Full Color Palette Eyeshadow w/ Leather Case

Hi All,

Today am going to review my 120 eye shadow palette from buy in coins. It is a wonderful product for new beginners which have most fo the metallic and neutral shades. It can be used for all parties and traditional ceremonies. Am not sure whether these can be used for work... All are shimmery shades.

Mostly I won’t wear eye shadows to my work. I wore it only to party's and outings so I was thought of buying this palette instead of the neutral one. You can find the in detail shade view in my YouTube video. Yes this is my first video in YouTube, more mistakes will be there. Please bear with me.

Here is the pics of the eye shadow.
Actually all the shades are my favorite one. All are amazing shades which is highly pigmented.
A good makeup remover will remove the traces of this eye shadow.
I bought this from buyincoins for 10.50 USD dollars with an air mail tracking number all together I bought this one for 725 INR bucks .I found this is to be bit expensive because am not aware of the ingredients and the expiry date, but still my heart was craving for it so I was thought of giving a chance.
I got this exactly on the eleventh day of my order neatly wrapped in a bubble pack. Only one shade got broke. No probs it is an orangey white shade not my favourite colour. 
Action Speaks more than words, So more pics :-P

Let’s look at the oh wow and oh no factor.
Oh Wow factor
  • For 610 bucks you will get an awesome shimmery palette.
  • Leather case is very convenient when compared to the plastic one, it might break.
  • Travel friendly
  • No itching or burning sensation
  • Minimal Fallout.
  • Quantity is more!
Oh No factor
  • No expiry date
  • No ingredients list mentioned.

Overall it is an amazing product for the newbies in make-up world. Inverting in these palettes will sure make you an eye makeup lover. Do visit buyincoins to grab your palettes.

Do share your views & Suggestions.


  1. love the there any matte shades

    1. yes dear some burgundy ,black ,grey and pink matte shades are there..

  2. I have the normal 120 I am not much into shimmer..the buyincoins ones are total value for money :) But more than the 120, I love my 88 warm one..that is awesome..

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