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Hair Recipe # Herbal Shampoo

Yesterday I made a yummy recipe for my hair. I made a herbal shampoo using all herbs which is available in our local store. After reading some articles about SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) in Shampoo it made some sort of fear in me. We cannot completely eliminate chemicals from our life but we can avoid it to a maximum extent. I have decided to use this herbal shampoo during my daily Hair washes and to depend on shampoo only in vacations.
From L -R Shikkai, Amla and Sopnuts or Reetha

Ingredients used:

Shikkai – 5 nos

Amla – 2 nos

Reetha – 8 nos which is also known as Soapnut

Hibiscus Flower –A handful

All of the above herb & Hibiscus are available in all Local Ayurveda Stockist in a dried form.

Take a large bowl and pour 2 glasses of water in it. Mix all the ingredients given above and keep it in a stove in simmer mode for 5 – 10 minutes. Slowly colour of the water will be changing to Pale red colour.

Then leave the Herb mix aside for 1 day.

Next day Sieve the herbs separately, Reetha or Soap nut will have a seed inside so remove that seed
and grind them into a coarse paste.
Shikkai Herb Mix
Later mix the coarse paste in the soaked water, stir them continuously we will get rich lather because of the Reetha or Soapnut and then filter the water.

Filtered Shampoo

Lather because of Reetha

Our shampoo is ready.

If we wish we can also add Hibiscus leaves and Indian Curry Leaves.

We won’t need a separate conditioner, but if you wish try to use a herbal sort of conditioner to avoid the chemical interference.

That’s it we are done.

Shikkai – 100 gms   - Rs. 15
Amla – Half Kg – Rs - 25
Reetha – 8 nos which is also known as Soapnut 100 gms   - Rs. 15
Hibiscus Flower –A handful 100 grams - Rs.30
My Mom use to grind all these herbs in a powder format and use them directly in her hair, but that is not an easy task as it will create a lot of mess in our Hair. All the Herbs will stick into our hair and looks like severe dandruff attack in hair.
Hence am using this shampoo method, from the beginning of this process she was arguing with me that it won’t work but after seeing the lather she accepted and used my recipe.
My Experience:
This shampoo worked very well on me. But please don’t open your eyes while using this shampoo, it will sting our eyes like anything. The pain it creates My God! I thought that I lost my vision that sort of pain it creates, be careful. It won’t cause any harm, it is the nature of the Shikkai we use.
Last night I applied Olive Oil and Castor Oil for a deep oil conditioning. Ordinary shampoo I need 2 washes but this herbal shampoo completely removes the oil from hair it doesn’t leave any traces of oil in my hair.
It lathers well as our ordinary shampoo.
I have a straightened Hair .Two years ago I did rebonding till date am using Matrix Opti Car straight shampoo which too has SLS and other Contents. So I was thought of using this herbal shampoo. It doesn’t change the texture of my hair, by Nature I have Straight Hair. So this may not have a greater impact on my hair.
Actually you can make a 100 ml of this herbal shampoo and store it for 1 full week day use.
I use to wash my thrice a day. Till next Sunday I can use this shampoo by storing them in fridge.
After washing our hair we can apply a bit of Olive Oil as a Serum.
Do try this and Share your suggestion.
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  1. it's a very useful post for so many people.
    Really hats off to you for this recipe

  2. Thank you dear.. You can even use the powder form.. but it needs lot of water to remove the gunk..

  3. I recently straightened my hair so I needed a proper suggestion in choosing shampoos. That's how I came to ur blog and loved it. ESP., this herbal shampoo is very impressive. Kee up ur good work.

  4. You was your hair thrice a week or day?.


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