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"Tag-O-Mania" is a fun and interesting activity which is doing rounds in the Blogosphere in which, when a person tags you, you have to complete a form like activity and then you have to tag 11 other blogs after completing your activities. This is a pass on game.

I've been tagged by Shruti from Deals Steals and more who is a wonderful blogger, and her blog is filled with deals and steals in the Online world. Do check her blog 

Now comes the Rules of the Game:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions. 
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Here comes 11 things about me:

1.      I love pets Doggy , Gold Fish everything
2.      I love junk foods and chips
3.      I am sentimental and emotional person who would feel for all silly things
4.      I love silk sarees a lot
5.      I love marron colour a lot
6.      I have a passion about nail polishes and nail art
7.      I love collecting stamps
8.      I love to visit all pilgrimages places in india
9.      I love loneliness
10.  I am a Vegetarian sometimes egg eater ( Running out of points , So I have to include this)
11.  I love reading beauty blogs than to write

Now comes the Questions asked by Shruti:

1] What made you enter the Blogging world or Why you became a Blogger??
IVC made me to enter into the blog world.

2] What is the most expensive thing you've ever bought(Like footwear, apparals, makeup etc)
Apparel bought a salwar kameez for 1800 /-

3] How many inches does the tallest pair in your shoe closet measures??
I use only flat slippers

4] At what age did you started wearing Makeup ??
At the age of 8 I started with my Make up set and I tried my first eyeshadow

5] Summers or Winters, Which of these you like the most and why??
Winters I love the rain , but summers ii love to spend time in my grand ma home

6] Lipsticks or LipGlosses, Which of these do you prefer and why??
    (You have to choose either of the 2 not both ;)
Lipstick gives me a professional and casual look , but I cant get the same from Lip glosses.

7] Pink or Purple ??
Pink always Pink.,..

8] Tea, Coffee or Juice?? Explain please... 
Juice always .. its my instant booster. I use to drink five different juices on five days to keep the composition on balance.

9] What are the 5 essentials you carry in your Handbag ??
Lip Balm that’s my Holy grail + Lakme Compact + Comb + Deo +Face Wash

10] Are you a Fitness Freak or a Potato Couch ??
Am a potato couch sometimes a Fitness Freak..

11] LBD's or Gowns ??
Gowns probably that too the Christian wedding Gown.. I love that

And am passing the Tag to
1.      IndianVanity Case
2.      Peachesand Blush
3.      PerfectSkin for you
4.      Clothes,Cosmetics and Chat
5.       Everthing that Matters
6.   Its Raining Beauty
7.   Pretty Princess Page
9.   Make up Ani

Here comes my questions

1.       What do you prefer a candle lit dinner or a trekking adventure
2.      What u like – time to spend with ur hubby or with your family
3.      What do you prefer – Online Shopping or Offline shopping
4.      What do you prefer Home made mask or the one from the stores
5.      Tell me any one lie that you told to ur hubby
6.      U r favorite Pilgrimage place
7.      Ur favorite beauty tip for Skin
8.      Saree or Modern wear ??
9.      You are left alone in a forest which essential thing you would ask for to survive?
10.  Monthly how much do you spend for buying Cosmetics & skin care products
11.  What do you prefer Straight hair or Wavy Curly one -??

Sorry for my late post :-( 


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