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Hip Hop Hair Removal Strips

Hi all.
Today am going to review Hip Hop Hair removal strips. 
Hip Hop Hair Removal Strips
I am afraid to go to a salon to do waxing mainly due to hygienic issues and the pain it creates.  To solve these issue while browsing I came to know about the Hip hop Skin care products which manufactures Hair Removing Wax Strips
It is available in Online. Click here

Hip Hop manufactures them as Facial strips and Hair removing strips for Hands & Legs.
Here am using the Hair removing Wax strips for all purpose, so that we can cut the strips as required.
Price – 50 INR.
It contains 12 wax strips 6 x2 Strips & they also provide a depil Towelette to use after the removal process
Hip Hop Hair Removal Wax Coated Strips

Hip Hop Claims..
Remove unwanted hair from roots and leave your skin smooth & silky.
These are the pre coated wax strips. 

Key Ingredients:
Gum,Wax Oil.
How to Use
Warm double sided strip between palms.
Slowly peel apart, use one strip at a time.
Place on the area to be waxed, press it over & zip back against the direction of hair growth.
Do Not pull the strip in an upward motion (towards hair growth)
Wipe off with After depil Towelette to remove traces of wax.

My Experience:
I do have some hair in my Upper lips to remove these unwanted hairs I am using Hip Hop Hair Removal strips .
I use to pre heat the strips by placing them over a boiled water Container so that wax will be melted and it will be ready to use. 
After placing the strips in the desired area, Press them gently so that wax should hold our tiny hairs firmly .
Then we have to remove the strips in the opposite direction of the Hair growth, by which the pain will be less.
After the removal process, depil Towelette should be wiped on the area where wax strips were used .It is actually a Wet tissue with Lavender oil & Silicon Oil.
Depil Towelette

Still I haven’t used this product in my hands; I have used these strips only for my Upper lip Hair removal.
It doesn’t provide an effective solution to the small hairs in my upper lip area. I think the strips should be heated more to get optimum results for the thin & tiny hairs.

My Suggestion – Do Try these Strips and share your views.

My Rating is 3 out of 5

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