Sunday, January 29, 2012

Henna Pack

These days I am loving henna a lot. I love the red tint color which we get from the Henna pack in a natural way.Actually this a very old post lying my drafts for many weeks.

Apologies for my Laziness 

Some facts about Henna:
Henna Botanical Name : Lawsonia Inermis

Henna has been used as a cosmetic hair dye for 6,000 years. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti were known to have used it. It was commonly used for many centuries in areas of India, the Middle East, and Africa.
Muslims also use henna as a dye for their hair and for the beards of males--following the tradition of their prophet Muhammad, who used to dye his beard with henna. It's considered a "sunnah" and akin to something fortunate/good. In one narration by him, he encouraged Muslim women to dye their nails with henna so their hands can be distinguished as feminine & from the hands of a male. Hence you will see this tradition greatly in the Middle East and Africa where women apply henna to their finger and toe nails, as well as their hands.
Ok Lets look at the Henna Pack Preparation.
Here am using Nupur Godrej Henna for my Henna Hair pack.
    Godrej Nupur Henna Powder
  • Nupur Henna Powder
  • Alovera Gel
  • Curry Leaves
  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Tea Decaution
  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (Optional)
  • Curd (To avoid the dryness caused by Henna) 
Mix all the above ingredients in an iron kadai (Cooking Vessel, in Tamil we use to call it as kadai) and leave it for whole day night.

I have used the Iron Kadai more than thrice so it does have a bit of rust in them,before using the Kadai I will wash it with the running water so that the rust will be removed. Logic behind using an Iron Kadai is mainly Iron has the tendency to make the Henna to turn a bit black so that our hair pack will gives us a black shiny hair.

 Apply the Henna Hair Pack mixture in the morning in your hair by splitting them into Strands and also in your scalp. 
I use to leave the hair pack for more than 2 hours and then I will wash my hair. If you wish to stay more natural don’t use shampoo. 
It is always better to shampoo our hair prior one day before the henna pack and leaving our Hair Oil free. It will give you a much more good results.

If you don't wish to have a dry hair , then apply oil in your hair before the henna pack process

Make sure you wash your washroom clean, because of the henna we are using, would stain our washroom.
Thats it! We are done!

I use to apply this pack twice a month. Our Hair will be shining with red tint because of the Henna . Henna actually makes our hair a bit straight & dry, don’t forget to apply your conditioner so that it will moisturize the hair and keep it soft and manageable.

I have included my pics after trying the henna pack.  I am bit afraid to include my hair pics.. Anyways here is my Opinion -- After washing my hair , it was so soft and manageable you can see it in first pic but in the next morning it became a bit dry . No probs!! I do love the way Henna Colors my Hair..
Pic taken after the Henna Pack Process

Next Day Morning!

Please do share your suggestion & views.. 

Thanks to Namita for Updating me about the Curd inclusion in the Henna Pack. I will try the same and update it soon .