Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Nail Art Kit..

Nail art is something which fascinates me a lot always and I was thinking it would be tough. Only professionals can do that, but after using Konad stamping kit it seems to be so easy. Recently I purchased Konad Mini stamping kit.

It cost INR 200 (As an Introductory price) from Urban  It contains
  •          Mini Scrapper
  •          Mini Stamp
  •          Mini Stamp Plate
  •          Mini Konad Polish White 2ml

Everything is Mini and it is tiny too, but for a beginner it is a perfect choice.
So here comes the pic of the kit.

This how it will come as a Pack

I have used it more than 10 times , so it will be a bit dirty.. (Dont Mind that :p)

 This is the special polish from Konad, It gives atmost perfect finish when compared to other Nail enamel.. but it is expensive too when purchased seperately :-O

This is the Mini Stamp which is the main thing in this kit.

So Frnds.. share your views about Konad Stamping kit..

My Rating : 4.5 / 5 . -0.5 for the Price (Only 4 tiny Products :( but it cost INR 200/- :-/ )

Thank you for reading..
Divine Blush


  1. Where did you buy the stamping kit?
    I've been begging my mum for one but both of us know the exact place!
    Did you buy it online?

    1. yeah from & you can also check with nirus and nail beauty.. :x


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