Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lakme Instaliner - Always in my Fav Place

Lakme is a famous brand in India. It is also a well know brand for more than 10 years. Actually this is my first try in the cosmetic products, So i thought this should be my first post :)

Yes! Am using Lakme Eyeliner from Class IX. Till now nothing has been changed in the eyeliner, let it be the consistency  or quality nothing has been changed, except the price.

It was 40/- in 2002 but now it is 70/-

I will buy two liners for an year, Till now i have bought  more than 50 bottles.. OMG!

Introduction is not required for such a fabulous product. It is the one such product which never let me go down. In these years I have never tried any Liquid eyeliner other than Lakme (Brand Loyalty ;-O ) .
What more it has Jet black shade (The most thickest form of Black ) & it is a Waterproof too.. During my class time, I use to refresh my face by splashing water but lakme Eyeliner will never fade away.

Here is the one picture of my eye makeup.. 


Products Used:

Lakme Eyeliner - Jet Black
Deborah Eyeshadow : Light Pink Shade 28 & Dusky Brown 32

My Rating :- 5/5 Lakme Eyeliner will Always have a place in my favorite list
Divine blush

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